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 Welcome to the home page of the tennessee Virtual Militia. We are trying to bring real U.S military gameplay into many games like Flight Simulator X. We want all players to be one and also be professional. Anyone can join! Just create a new user right under the login form. Right now is the best time to join us because we are striving for excellence and trying to be the biggest Military Fleet Online.
  Here gaming seriously but are willing to have fun at the same time. Don't think you can't make the team, Well think again, just like the real US Military we will take anybody and will turn them into a Solider. To join the team just connect to our Teamspeak 3 Server, and contact one of the Members of the Team. The teamspeak address Is[] . We hope to be Seeing you soon. 

TN Militia General 

Hello All New Visitors!
 We Welcome you. If one of our admins have directed you to this site from a multiplayer game join our teamspeak IMMEDIATLY after you sign up on the website so we are aware that you are a new player!!!!! If you do not do so and we do not recognize you, your application will be deleted so please go on teamspeak or download it from the teamspeak website:
 We thank you for your participation and for your interest in joining the TVM. 
Our website is used mainly for members so when you join you will have more access

Teamspeak Is not a virus or a harmful program. We just use it to communicate. Now assuming that you already have a microphone go on teamspeak and set up your microphone with the program. Once you have done that click on connections in
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